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What’s The Deal Behind This $550 Face Mask? FitnessFreakClub

Valmont’s face masks isn’t simply an indulgent deal with – it’s about aligning your ideals at the back of what you’re purchasing, the CEO tells Best possible Well being.

That is the bee’s knees

You might suppose a $550 face cream can be a remark piece. And possibly it’s. However after assembly Sohie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Cosmetics, a Swiss luxurious attractiveness corporate with merchandise bought all over the place the sector, I discovered that it’s no longer almost about slapping a dear tag on cream, placing a couple of buzzy components on it and hoping girls’s magazines select up the tale.

“I’m very into the science of it,” she tells us on the Plaza Athenee resort in Big apple’s Higher East Aspect. Her MO is ready making the components in her merchandise out there, no longer simply to the outer layers of the outside, however to the deeper cells, which have an effect on how our pores and skin appears over the long run.

Getting to understand every different

However first she tells us what we’ve got in commonplace, since I paintings for Best possible Well being.

“We’re about well being too, in relation to ‘well being of the outside,’ she says. “All of our merchandise are created to maximise the absorption of our formulation. They aren’t simply topical remedies.”

The deep degree of pores and skin is between the epidermis and the dermis that turns into week as we age is the place Guillon desires the oil an sugars to achieve.

“We use herbal components. They aren’t all natural. However our extracts are freed from parabens. However we use components which can be marine; which can be from the ocean. Crops will also be efficient, however there’s a restrict to their advantages. However we will in point of fact decelerate the getting old procedure. However we do use herbal components coming from the ocean, equivalent to Canadian wild salmon. We do like herbal components that aren’t handled with chemical substances.”

Excellent issues are available in threes

The most recent release is Essense of Bees, a number of 3 merchandise all made with a mixture of 3 components.

The goods are: Treatment Majestueuse ($450), Masque Majestueux ($550) and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux ($500), to be had in Canada at Sonora Hotel, Hazelton Lodge, Landon Corridor, Saks 5th Road and Holt Renfrew shops.

“Our innovation is the mix of royal jelly, propolis (wax and resin from bee hives) and honey,” Guillon tells me. “The innovation may be in how we extract it with a herbal rose oil-based extract, which is a sustainable extraction. It’s filled with fatty acids which can be neatly absorbed via the outside. That’s all there may be. There aren’t any chemical substances.”

So, why the massive price ticket?

Royal jelly is pricey, and no longer all beekeepers  be capable of “farm” it.

“It takes ages to extract,” says Guillon. There is just one queen bee in line with hive, and when she is older she produces a muddle of about 10 doable queen bees. As soon as the queen bee is selected, the opposite bees devour the “rejects.” And the royal jelly, the fluid that nurses the infant bees till they’re both selected or eaten, stays for the queen bee.

“The royal jelly produced via one child is price $three,000 as it’s filled with enzymes,” says Guillon, appearing me a video on her mobile of the method of disposing of the small quantity of royal jelly to be had, which is concerning the measurement of an eraser at the finish of a pencil. “And we’d like greater than 3 pounds a yr.”

And a few of that cash is going to….

“We Swiss are very with reference to nature, identical to Canadians are,” she says. “Canada in point of fact is a larger Switzerland. Now we have the similar values in our hyperlink to nature.”

Valmont is construction 50 beehives in Geneva, Switzerland, with gross sales of its honey to move in opposition to maintaining bees and hives. In Canada and the U.S., Valmont is supporting P2, a non-profit group devoted to the security and promotion of bees and their ecosystems.

“If people don’t intervene an excessive amount of with nature then stability will stay.”

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