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The Petit Pai Story FitnessFreakClub

It’s already been per week for the reason that release of our new sub-range for kids and small children, Petit Pai.

The comments to this point has been fantastic and I sought after to percentage slightly extra about how the goods got here to be.

Petit Pai has been a very long time coming. We first conceived the idea that and title over 3 years in the past – and I’ve had two small children in that point!

We now have our consumers to thank for the theory. Frequently experiencing delicate pores and skin themselves, many have been discovering their kids had inherited sensitivities too – as is so steadily the case with inflammatory pores and skin prerequisites.

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The fogeys contacting us have been steadily very distressed at seeing their kids in discomfort and determined for one thing to ‘repair’ their kid’s pores and skin as temporarily as imaginable.

Whilst I used to be all the time very sympathetic, I feel it was once best once I had my very own small children that I actually understood that feeling of helplessness.

When my eldest son evolved eczema, it took me again 15 years to my very own pores and skin difficulties – but it surely feels ten instances worse when it’s your personal kid and the will to seek out a solution is overwhelming!

Petit Pai

So, our undertaking was once to formulate merchandise that have been finely tuned to the desires of toddler pores and skin to set the early foundations for sturdy and glad pores and skin.

Petit Pai is so a lot more although than the sum of its product portions! This is a philosophy and a realistic enhance community for folks due to our devoted customer support crew, masterfully led through Kirsti, a Mum of 3!

Do you’ve got questions on taking good care of your kid’s pores and skin? Sign up for me for my Fb Are living video Q&A from 1.30 GMT on Thursday 14th July.

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