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Procrastination & Time Wasting: How to Temper Fear-Based Motivation FitnessFreakClub

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“I’ve to jot down this text,” I implore myself. “There’s no excuse to not churn out 500 phrases;
this Psych Central article isn’t going to jot down itself.”

After which I surf the internet — alternating between ESPN, CNN, and the New York Instances earlier than,
a lot to my head-shaking dismay, circling again to ESPN to investigate my liked Iowa Hawkeyes. Once more.

And as for that revealed article, neatly, we’re nonetheless within the proverbial “brainstorming” level.

What explains my flagging motivation — even if I do wish to write? And, extra importantly,
what are some sensible tricks to lengthen procrastination — a minimum of till that subsequent 20 web page time period

Motivation is extra nuanced than a vein-popping manager barking orders or your thoughts’s
incessant instructions to “hearth it up; you want to be for your recreation lately.” Motivation, as a substitute,
waxes and wanes — regardless of your and my exhortations on the contrary. If truth be told, my thoughts’s
shrieking instructions to “write this text” or “analysis this challenge” are ceaselessly
counterproductive. As a substitute of sitting down and churning out my newest 500-word masterpiece
(please be aware my tongue in cheek sarcasm), I go for internet browsing’s senseless — and
time-consuming — enjoyment.

Why despite the fact that? Why, arguably, do I self-sabotage when there’s a urgent want to write an editorial
(or end a right away challenge or ship out that resume and canopy letter).

The solution: fear-based motivation. The “I’ve to do that or else,” no longer the “I wish to do that”
form of motivation. Worry-based motivation, a minimum of for me, instills a way of unease — even
dread. And as a self-described insurrection (thanks Gretchen Rubin), it ignites my spirit of
resistance. As a substitute of hunkering down to redesign that out of date resume, passivity — and
researching the Iowa Hawkeyes’ left take on — sound a lot more interesting.

So what are you able to (and I do) to mood fear-based motivation — and its dual cousins: lengthen and

  1. Acknowledge that emotions — that creeping unease; that prevailing sense of depression — are simply
    emotions. Not anything extra, not anything much less. Whilst the paper would possibly really feel overwhelming, your emotions are
    (most probably) faulty. A racing heartbeat and sweaty arms are simply that — a racing heartbeat and
    sweaty arms. There’s no larger Shakespearean which means, despite the fact that your thoughts desires to glue
  2. Problem fear-based motivational pondering. For many people, myself incorporated, worry intersects
    with motivation. An instance: “If I don’t write this grad faculty paper, I’m unproductive — and, in
    flip, will jeopardize my grad faculty growth.” There are dire penalties — a minimum of in my
    thoughts — for no longer finishing the newest grad faculty task. No longer precisely Knute Rockne-level
    inspiration for somebody with flagging motivation.

As a substitute, take a look at framing the duty in a extra self-directed mild. An instance: When finishing my
newest grad faculty task, there might be a way of pleasure — even pleasure — for persevering
via the sort of time-consuming challenge. Understand that there’s no point out of exterior rewards or
punishment within the earlier sentence; as a substitute, there may be an emphasis on intrinsic elements (a way
of pleasure and pleasure) directing and using motivation.

Motivation is invariably advanced and uniquely private. There’s no “one dimension suits all” template.
That stated, fear-based motivation — as evidenced via that knotted pit churning to your abdomen
over the newest, maximum disastrous chance — induces extra paralysis (than research). When
wondering your flagging motivation, in all probability your first query will have to be, “What’s my
reason?” And if, certainly, it’s Primal Worry, perhaps this is why you spent all the day gazing
(and procrastinating with) this Netflix drama.

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