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​National Bullying Prevention Month: Help Your Kids Understand The Difference Between Bullying & Teasing FitnessFreakClub

Author imageAuthor imageWhat makes a bully? Is it a malicious need to harm someone else? An individual lashing out as a result of issues at house? A want to appear difficult in an international this is out in their keep an eye on? There’s no unmarried formulation for the ones we now have come to peer as bullies and the definition is lovely extensive.

The details about bullying are much less imprecise. Consistent with Prevent Bullying, as many as one in 3 kids has reported being bullied one day of their lifestyles. Whilst a few of that is achieved in fundamental and highschool, the majority of it sort of feels to be in the ones heart years of junior excessive. 

Extra alarming is the affect.

The Nationwide Institute of Well being has present in a large number of research that bullying reasons social, emotional, psychological or even bodily injury within the quick and long run. Now not handiest that, however those that are the bullies themselves have an larger possibility of despair. It isn’t simply the sufferers who are suffering, the aggressors undergo as smartly.

“We Had been Most effective Fooling Round!”

One of the most main causes bullying isn’t addressed is the theory of teasing as opposed to bullying. How frequently have you ever heard the word, “it was once only a funny story”? Or accused anyone of being too delicate and getting their emotions harm over not anything?

We’ve got a major problem in our society of diminishing the sentiments of others, refusing to confess that one thing can have been hurtful, deliberately or now not.

This will also be noticed within the “teasing tradition” that has develop into so in style. Glance up roasting on Reddit or watch previous Vine compilations and you’ll have a mess of examples of insults used as humor. It’s simple for this conduct to morph into cyberbullying, which is changing into an expanding drawback with the superiority of social media and smartphones.

Many teenagers can care for teasing. They funny story round with their pals, make amusing of them and provides as excellent as they get. The issue arises when a number of of the folk concerned don’t seem to be part of the funny story.

Assist Kids Acknowledge Teasing vs Bullying

So, how can we train our kids the adaptation? We commence via spotting what teasing is and when it merges into bullying.


  • Is similarly disbursed a few of the complete team
  • Does now not goal a unmarried person
  • Avoids subjects of religion, ethnicity, gender or disabilities they can’t keep an eye on
  • Stops when an individual requests it


  • Goals a selected individual greater than the remaining, or solely
  • Specializes in deeply non-public facets to an individual’s lifestyles, corresponding to their faith or race
  • Turns into a development
  • Reasons anxiousness, ache or anger within the individual receiving it
  • Doesn’t prevent when asked
  • Creates an imbalance throughout the team

Speaking to Your Kid about Bullying

No person loves to suppose that there’s a drawback with their kid, whether or not this is being bullied or being the bully. Without reference to the trouble of the dialog, it’s essential that you’ve got it. Nationwide Bullying Prevention Month is in October and will also be the very best time to open the dialog.

As a guardian, you might be your kid’s largest suggest. Inform them that you simply love them, and that they may be able to speak in confidence you with out worry of punishment or judgment. Communicate to them about how teasing is other than bullying, and stay the dialog open in the event that they call to mind any examples they have got noticed and even taken section in that crossed that line.

In combination, the 2 of you’ll be able to get a hold of a plan to struggle bullying. In case your kid has been showing bullying conduct, additionally it is a time to make it transparent that it could actually’t proceed. It is going to take extra intervention, corresponding to operating with college management or a therapist. But it surely all begins with one dialog.


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